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Environment Design - Gibbon Rock

In this 5-part video tutorial you'll discover a solid way to design nature-heavy environments. Going at it step by step you'll explore how to: quickly block out thumbnails with a custom brushset, mask shapes without actually using masks, photo bash colors and textures on your shapes, color with overlay layers, and add particles and lighting effects.

What you'll get:

  • 5-part video tutorial
  • Psd's of the thumbnails and final image
  • A brushset to quickly generate thumbnails
  • An abstract painting you can use to create your own brushes
  • Some quick mask jpg's




Belgium-born Bram Sels is a freelance Illustrator and Concept Artist who mainly works in the Entertainment Industry. He has worked for companies like Ubisoft, Wideshot Entertainment, Axis Animation, 3DTotal, ImagineFX, Marauder Film, Tokkun Studios and Centipede Press.

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Environment Design - Gibbon Rock

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